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A dream of mine – how about you?

Financial freedom, what does it even mean?  The term itself is a little vague, and each person has an individual notion of its importance, but for some time now it is roaming through various blogs, blog posts and even whole books about this topic have been published. But the personal definition is fundamental!

Without a personal meaning for this term, it stays exactly that: a vague idea of something that might have been possible. Or something that makes us angry when we run out of money between paychecks. Or something that we can never achieve, because we are making too many excuses. A dream other people are dreaming.

I could start by neatly dividing the term and theorize about finances and freedom individually, and maybe the one is excluding the other, after all, we are spending the large part of the day by working for our finances, does it leave any room for freedom? And our work is not even self-ruling, but we are merely following orders someone else is giving us. Do you know, the more money we make, the higher are our expenses.

And we are stressing out because we have to come up with new ways to compensate for these rising expenses and the frustration about our growing workload is increasing. It’s a vicious circle and no hope of getting out of it….

But you could also say that you can’t have one without the other, or money alone doesn’t guarantee happiness. We need a satisfying financial base to be able to enjoy a few liberties, for example, to reduce our working hours to spend more time at home with the family. But now I am asking myself: “Does this have to come from a 9-5 job?”  I am thinking further and have found a definition for myself: My work has to be enjoyable, more valuable and with uplifting people.

Do you think this is difficult to achieve? No excuses, no jabbering, I am ready for it! Since I am thinking about this topic, I have learned that it is not just about money and the accumulation of it. It is foremost about my outlook on life.  It is about positive thinking, about re-writing beliefs that are deeply rooted in us and that are determining our attitude.

But why do I personally want to do this? What is my motivation to get out of bed in the morning? The answer is easy: my family, especially my children. I want to care and provide for them. Not only with food, new clothes and a three-week vacation in Italy in the summer. But also with time, creativity, education, travel and the freedom to explore. I don’t want to contemplate if we have the means to buy organic food or if we can afford to meet with friends in a restaurant this month.

And this is a critical point when you are looking for your own definition: Have a vision! Imagine it and feel it! It is where you want to go! You need the energy of such a visualization for your path towards the goal. It is not going to be easy.

I am still standing at the beginning, but my learning curve is pretty steep, it is actually exciting! And just because I started thinking about this topic, because I am allowing myself to envision what is possible. This blog is a dream of mine. For years I wanted to start something that involved writing. Books, texts, blog posts- about the children, eating vegan, our travels, I could come up with a lot of topics. But to actually take this step, to walk the last mile, which can be the hardest, I had a lot of excuses. And it is the first step of many more to come!

Since you have read this far, you must be equally interested in this topic. Welcome! Let’s walk together for a while! Are you new to this topic? Just start somewhere! Or, have you already started to create something for yourself? What does financial freedom mean to you? Please leave a comment on how you think about this topic! What have you done so far, and what are your goals?